What is IPTV?  [ click here fo video explaination of iptv ]



Frequently Asked Questions. (FAQ)

1. What is IPTV?  [ click here fo video explaination of iptv ]
IPTV, Internet Protocol television is a system through which television services are delivered using the Internet.

2. How many Channels are available on IPTV?
It depends on the provider, different iptv service provider provides different channel list. Currently there are more then 800+ Live Channels available on the IPTV.  The channel list is constantly updated and new channels are always coming available.

3. What kind of Internet service do I require for IPTV to work without interruption?
You need minimum Internet Speed of 25mbs and Unlimited Data in order for the IPTV.

4. Do I require any other devices for the IPTV?
Yes, you need to have a Set-Top-Box (STB), this device work as a receiver for the IPTV. This IPTV uses MAG254.

5. Are there any High Definition (HD) Channels?
Yes there are many HD channels available in the IPTV

6. How is the quality of the service?
There is no noticeable differences in the IPTV and traditional TV services provided by many major TV providers.

MAG254 SetUp Help:

Changing Portal on MAG Box:
System Setting > Server > Portals > Portal 1 URL : "please ask your service provider for correct url"
Sync correct time on MAG254 Box: 
System Setting > Server > General > NTP Server:

Remote App for MAG254 Box for Phones, click on the clink below to get the app.

Free Apps for MAG254 Box, if you add portals below you can download the apps.
Portal 2: http://apps.infomir.com.ua/?language=en

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